3D printing rox!

I have a sortof distorted sense of direction, causing my bicycle trips to be often much longer than originally planned. That’s why I recently bought a Sigma Rox 10.0 GPS, and I obviously took it when I moved to New York.

But once there, I couldn’t find the mounting parts I used to order in France. Actually the only one I found doesn’t fit the 27 mm handlebar of my old singlespeed, and is kinda expensive (20$).

I could have easily made something with usual tools, but I didn’t really brought my workshop with me across the Atlantic and thus, I thought of 3D-printing.

After one hour with my favorite software, and a few hesitations taking measurements without a caliper, here’s the result !

First rendering

As far as the printing material is concerned, a standard ABS or Nylon is perfect. There’s no particular weakness to be concerned about, except for water resistance.

Wishing my shipment to be received quickly, I made it printed by Shapeways. But I didn’t account on U.S. Postal taking five days to achieve a 10 km trip (:


With GPS in place.

White plastic with polish finition.

Purple plastic with polish finition.

2 prototypes were printed.

This part allows to mount the GPS perpendicularly or in parallel to the bar (handlebar or stem), through 2 ziplocks (under 5 mm width or 3/16 inches). For more exotic kinds of mounting, you can also use the two holes which fit two M2 screws with countersunk heads.

With ziplocks in place

Here is the result, mounted on my bike!

Mounted on the bike...

... and with a GPS on top of it!

I’ve made a bunch of changes on the printed part, which improves the ziplocks mount when used on wider bars, such as a-head stems.

Final part

The .stl file is available here if you have a 3D-printer, or directly through my Shapeways shop : https://www.shapeways.com/product/J27KBDFCB/sigma-rox-10-support-oshw

I place this file under Open Source Hardware licensing. However, if you don’t feel like ordering through my Shapeways shop, and you download and print it on your own, your support through a nice comment or a Paypal donation would be utterly appreciated!

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