Overnight Sensation

I listen to a lot of music. Actually, as soon as I’m home, iTunes is running. And the sound comes from the speakers of my old iMac.

Sad uh?

When I became aware of this, I ran into this link: http://techtalk.parts-express.com/forum/speaker-project-gallery/36241-apple-themed-overnight-sensation-mtm/page5?amp;postcount=70. That was the kind of slap I needed!

I thus had a deeper look to Paul Carmody’s designs (from which the previous work relies on), with DIY sound system in mind.

Quick checkup of my needs:

  • Listening to MP3 (decent encoding) through the iMac sound card. Clearly, I won’t spend thousand euros here.
  • No subwoofer, since I live in an apartment…
  • For the same reason above, no need of 500W power.
  • No piggy bank break.
  • Speakers, not headset because I don’t like it.

Considering my needs, the small “Overnight sensation“, paired with a T-Amp seemed to be the perfect fit.

A few weeks of thinking, parts ordering, computing, cutting, soldering, testing, adjusting and painting, here it is!




And it ROCKS! From Classical to Death Metal!

Let’s listen for the first time again my whole music collection… Because there’s a lot of new instruments and tracks that have never been there!

At the end of this article is a build log, while files of blueprints and simulations (Catia v5 for CAD and Multisim for electronic) are available here.

A few observations after a few weeks of use:

  • It’s not enough to bring sound in a 40 meter-square room (not an issue in a small apartment)
  • It’s an audiophile path your putting your feet on… There’s no turning back after this and you will suffer ear torture when going back to the internal speaker of your laptop. Beware!
  • Better beyond compare with the Sony APM-137D I’ve been using during the time of the building (sound space, bass, details, realism). However, my setup still doesn’t reach daddy’s Denon HiFi system, but maybe the source is to blame rather than the speakers.

Final word: Thank you Paul for sharing your wonderful designs!

Edit July the 24th, 2011: Adding the blueprints in pdf format. It’s my adaptation of Paul’s designs to european standard materials, using metric systems. OvernightSensationBlueprints

Materials have been bought at Castorama. Coils and capacitors were found in www.europe-audio.com (but it tooks like forever to receive the parcel). Finally, resistors and amp were bought at Audiophonics, a shop that I definitely recommend but never open because I could spend all my money there!


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