Pimp my cable

You fear people’s feet passing dangerously close to your power cable crossing the alley of the Starbucks to charge your brand new laptop? You got a 42 ports USB hub, with every single one busy, and you unplugged the very hard drive on which you were cut-pasting a back up with a gazillion subfolder and tiny files?



I might have the solution to your troubles.

I’ve thought about paint (cracks and scratch gonna happen), electrician tape (sticky cable collecting all the dust and dirt existing on Earth, yummy…), but I eventually imagined and created these little clips to be 3D printed, in all the colors you might think of.


Do yourself a favor and treat yourself with these little accessories, sold by pack of 30, on my Shapeways shopin 3.0mm (for cable from 3.0 to 3.7mm, i.e. 0.1181″ to 0.1457″) or in 3.5mm (for cable from 3.5 à 4.4mm, i.e. 0.1378″ to 0.1732″).

iPhone cable coming soon…


Plus you’re sure now that nobody will stole your charger “inadvertently”!

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