A painless Magic Keyboard?

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I usually spend around 14 h a day in front of a computer. At this rate, a bad posture is merciless and pain appears quickly. As a consequence, I took a dive into the world of ergonomics years ago, and I’m always looking for this comfy peripheral that would associate geeking and peace of mind.

For long days at work, I love the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and I usually went back to the Apple wired keyboard in the evening, once back home. Alternating posture is a good way to release muscles.

But when I crossed the Atlantic ocean, and went full Apple, I was disappointed when I started looking for an ergonomic keyboard, Mac compatible, with French layout, and available in the USA. The best I found is a French layout Magic Keyboard, but it’s still an abomination, ergonomically speaking.

First, I wanted to mess with a Dremel, and giving it a V shape… But a negative slope, widely approved by ergonomic professionals, was easier and less definitive.

I launched my CAD software one more time, to create a pair of accessories to be clipped on the Apple Magic Keyboard, instantaneously featured with a relieving negative slope of -6,8°.

2 weeks later, the result was shipped to my mailbox. And the first days of use were delightful!

iErgoKeyboard - 1 (1)

It’s not worthy of the true ergonomics keyboard, obviously. But it’s always good to take and your wrist will be spared and ready for breathless foosball games.

iErgoKeyboard - 5

iErgoKeyboard - 6

So if you have a Magic keyboard you want to use for a long time, have a look at those cute accessories on my Shapeways shop.

And as in my opinion, everybody should be healthy and have access to ergonomic peripherals, the Brimbelle Lab iErgo Keyboards are under OSHW (Open Source Hardware) licence, and files can be downloaded here, so that you can modify or print them yourself.

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