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Lately I’ve been facing a lot of problems using Google Photos. The most annoying being the sorting of photos after upload (and not having any alternative), especially when pictures come from several cameras. In my case, a Fuji X100T and an iPhone 6S.

Cameras clocks are perfectly adjusted, iPhoto – sorry Photos (the one from Apple) displays them correctly sorted, and exports sequentially as expected. But once in Photos (the one from Google), there is some kind of shifting, of several hours. This seems to be caused by the fact that Photos (the one from Google) assumes that cameras without location data shoot on GMT+0. A logic assumption that one’s arm can be 7000 km long instead of having cameras at the same place.

Until now, I was sorting the Fuji X100T pictures manually (with a lot of swearing) but when I’m shooting events resulting in thousands of pictures, that gets really nerves breaking. I couldn’t find anything on the Internet (the stupidly generic name of these software are definitely not helping), a friend eventually came up with a lead, and here is my solution.

Be aware that the names of options might be a little different, I translated it roughly from the French version of the app I’m using. Feel free to comment so that I fix it.

The first step is to select, in Photos (the one from Google) the pictures you took with the camera without location data, here the Fuji X100T. Beware of not being in “editing” mode otherwise the icon “select picture” turns into “delete without any warning”. Evil.

Clicks on the 3 vertical dots at top right of the screen > “edit date and time” > “Edit dates and times”.

Select the same time zone as your phone / other camera, in my case GMT-4, EST. Also, compensate the same amount of hours in the “hour” box above. In need, adjust minutes too. Then click on “Preview”. Now, your pictures should be sorted correctly among the photos from your phone (showing in slight transparency). If it doesn’t, click “Back” and adjust the hour compensation box. Oh, and BTW, in this window pictures are showing newest first, the opposite of your album (which is usually oldest first).

Once you validate, your album is sometimes (not always) unsorted. That’s expected (!).

In that case, without selecting any picture, click on the 3 vertical dots, and “Edit album”. The icon is now changed to 2 vertical arrows. Click on it, and then “Oldest first”.

In theory, your album should now be sorted correctly, and any time modification on a picture would be updated accordingly.

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